Being the largest waffle chain in Egypt, Waffle Maker reserved its place in being one of the fastest growing food chains in Egypt as well, out of hard work and dedication to the fresh-baked-waffles lovers. Starting our journey in January 2011, when waffles were not yet famous in the Egyptian streets, we opened our first branch in Monhandeseen, and that was just the start of taking our delicious scent across different other areas.

Realizing that our waffles, which bring along the homemade taste, were standing out among other competitors; we decided to run the marathon aiming only to win the first place, so we decided to grant our trademark as a franchise for the people who want to share part of our success story. And here we are, leading the marathon of waffles by being available in different places across Egypt like Nasr City, Mohandesen, Maadi,El manyal,Hadayek El Ahram ,Mokatam,Korba,Mansoura ,Portsaid,Portfouad and Alexandria

Through the process of improving ourselves and our services, we are always working hard to exceed our customers’ expectations through offering them a menu that carries a variety of foods, starting from breakfast and ending with different signature meals. Waffle Maker tried to indulge its customers in a different kind of experience by introducing to them the salty waffles, which are new, delicious, and tasty.

Being the best place in town where you can head out to have your best waffles; Waffle Maker provides you with an outstanding dining experience where your good food will be served to you by a friendly staff, in addition to making it possible for you to have your good quality of freshly baked waffles right in the comfort of your own home through its delivery service.